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 About Theradynamics: 

In an ever changing healthcare environment, having the right partner will make all the difference in your organization’s ability to develop, achieve, and maintain dynamic rehabilitation programs that provide the highest quality of care and success. A New York based company, Theradynamics has the deep knowledge, vast experience and know-how of the local market to attain improved results related to operational outcomes, clinical programming, compliance and patient satisfaction.

Our Services Include:
  • Hospitals

  • Skilled Nursing Facilities

  • Home Care Programs

  • Assisted Living Rehabilitation Management

Developed by a physical therapist with an operational perspective, Theradynamics unique approach is centered on our commitment to collaboration. We recognize each facility and organization has its own distinct culture, characteristics, and needs. With this in mind, Theradynamics strives to work hand in hand with our facility partners to develop solutions that are in line with facility goals. Implementing our proven formulas and methods for operational growth has consistently resulted in the dramatic reduction of cost, increase in revenues, and overall facility turnaround for our business partners.

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